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Agustín Argelich is an independent and international consultant in management and digital technologies. He is a telecom engineer. Member of the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International and the think tank Intelligent Community Forum. For more than 35 years, he’s been leading projects of development and deployment of new technologies in different sectors, including high repercussion events, such as the Barcelona ’92 Olympic Games, or others as complex as nuclear power plants. He served as a Lieutenant in Spanish Air Force.

Humanist activist, and promoter of the culture of innovation and continuous improvement, he defends the importance of the integral formation of a person and the need to complete the technical vision with the human one. His courses are based on real experience, fleeing from theoretical and too academic approaches. He is a recognized speaker on issues related to innovation, motivation, and change management. Author of Analyze, Act, Advance about continuous improvement.

He is married to Maria Eugenia. They are parents of two daughters and four sons, and grandparents of a granddaughter

My inspiring life lessons: The only thing we possess is our knowledge and our good habits

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