Alfred P**

Globally Recognized Healthtech Futurist

Alfred Poor is an expert in health technology and wearables, online presentations, presence, and Zoom.

Alfred is a technology speaker and author with an international reputation. He is also an expert on helping other people look and sound great on Zoom meetings and at virtual events. He works with speakers, coaches, business owners, sales staff, and industry leaders to become more effective at engaging people in online meetings and getting their message across. He believes in making incremental improvements to produce big changes, without spending a lot of time or money. Alfred meets with more than one hundred C-level executives from health technology companies every year, obtaining access and insights that few other experts can claim.

Quoted in: USA Today, Money, Forbes, Fast Company

My inspiring life lessons: Nobody is born knowing how to ride a bicycle. Once you learn how, it can be easy. Nobody is born knowing how to work from home, either. There are skills and strategies that you can learn to manage the challenges, but you have to learn them.

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