Annie Meehan

I believe in the power of rewriting excuses into successful accomplishments.

My passion is helping people discover the fire within them that is just waiting to be lit. By teaching people how they can show up differently in the world, I empower others to recognize the potential impact that small changes can have on them. I started out as a stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. I bought my first franchise, SNAP fitness, successfully grew the business and bought a second franchise. Today I am proud to say I get to do what I love every single day - being a keynote speaker.

1. Certified Professional Speaker

2. Award wining Author

3. Certified Virtual Speaker

4. Certified Life Coach

My Speaking Topics Include: Cultivating an H3 Culture of Hope, Health, and Happiness; Be The Exception (living an exceptional life); Taking accountability to be the change you need; Being a Pineapple Person; Exceptional Leadership (the power of words); Employee Engagement; and much more!

My inspiring life lessons: How and Why to Be a Pineapple Person, 7 Keys to Being the Exception

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