Annika S**

Leadership and Workplace Health with Care and Compassion

Specialties: How to build resilience and happiness into your leadership.

Dr. Annika Sörensen, is a medical doctor with a solid background in Swedish Primary Health Care for 30 years.

Today she has changed her focus from disease to calm and health promotion for leaders. That involves stress management and other leadership- and business-related issues. Dr. Annika helps busy business leaders become resilient, feel less stress, get more done, have more fun, and create even greater success. She is a sought-after speaker and educator for leaders in their hard-pressure work. She helps them and their businesses to thrive, become more effective and in the end be more profitable.

She is a 2x TEDx speaker and is the author of two books on stress management.

Dr. Annika gives you Stress to Calm insights based on profound personal, clinical, and scientific knowledge! And she still sometimes volunteers in health care to stay on top in her field.

Stress is the most common cause of sick leave today and it costs a fortune, both for the individual and the company. Everyone knows but few do anything because the problem is seemingly so large and it is hard to know where to start. “If we don’t tell, no one will notice” they´ll say. And we are talking about mental stuff. Who wants to be connected with mental stuff? A real no-no for most people, especially in the business world.
Dr Annika has found an answer to this challenge. Stress is part of life, part of everyone’s biology. Taking things down to earth makes it both fun and easier to tackle, piece by piece, defeating the stress. When you know how – and Dr Annika will show you what you need and how to start this journey toward less stress and more result. And as a bonus feel peace and calm again.

Worked with: International Monetary Fund (IMF), Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Association of Government Accountants (AGA) Trenton Chapter, Cuora Consulting Italy, HR Network Scania and more

My inspiring life lessons: If you are like most leaders, you probably have a hand in every aspect of your business – but who takes care of YOU? To stay your best you need to care for yourself first (it is okay to do that!), upgrade your capacity, grow resilience, and get energy. That will make you unstoppable, you lead with ease and your business and your staff will thrive.

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I love Dr. Annika! She has a personality that can brighten up a room, while bringing a sense of calmness at the same time. She is trust-worthy, approachable, and willing to share her knowledge with others. She seemed to have a lot of experience and education, as well as a desire to grow and learn new things. Dr. Annika is the best resource if you would like strategies to lower stress levels and become the best version of yourself!

Thanks so much, Dr. Annika, for sharing your wisdom with me on our call!

My time working with Annika was well spent! Her calming demeanor allowed me to discuss my issues and get good advice. Annika discussed the basics of how stress relief really works to fix each individual's core issues. This is quite different from others I have talked to and it exemplifies her professional competence. I highly recommend Annika if you are looking for relief from stress in your personal or professional life. She helps you make relief happen.

I enjoyed working with Annika -- thank you!

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