Aura Walker Hypnotherapy

I have 27 years of experience working with all ages. Professionally I work with infants and up. However, I prefer to work cognitively with ages 10 and up. I have a unique background and a unique perspective on life. I believe that each person is born for their own assignment on earth. Whatever that may be. I do believe in life after death, as well as in spirits and souls. I do not believe people randomly attract things to themselves. I do believe people are attracted to certain things they consciously or unconsciously prefer. I have developed a protocol to release stress, anxiety, and trauma from the brain. Specifically from the Limbic system or central brain related to behavioral responses. I have a high success rate and work consciously and cooperatively with people's existing drives. I never re-traumatize anyone. Instead, I give people tools to better thrive.
For more information please check out my website: or feel free to call: (310)382-6313

My inspiring life lessons: Being born female on earth.

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