Dr Brian H

Dr. Brian Hite has spent over 40 years immersed in the world of performance, both as a participant and coach. On stage since childhood, Brian has toured with live shows, done standup comedy, performed and coordinated stunts for film/TV, and coached athletes ranging from youth to professional. His diverse background allows him to connect with performers of all types, from actors and musicians to executives and elite athletes.

With a Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology, Brian takes a holistic approach to maximizing human potential. He works with individuals and teams to develop the mental skills for sustained excellence – managing nerves, focusing amid chaos, retaining confidence after setbacks. Through over a decade of work with the U.S. Army and as a real estate coaching consultant, he has honed strategies to help leaders optimize team culture and performance.

As a Senior Dissertation Chair for Grand Canyon University (GCU), Brian guides graduate students through the research process, instilling the tenacity needed for rigorous scholarship. His certifications in Sport Psychology, Life Coaching, and Executive Coaching further enable him to empathize with clients and provide tailored guidance to meet their needs.

Whether he is writing, attending shows and games, or rollerblading and biking with his daughter, Brian lives the ethos he teaches: hard work, perseverance, and passion. After 40 years of living and studying peak performance, he knows that joy and achievement go hand in hand. Brian brings this spirit of enthusiasm and mastery to every session, empowering others to excel.

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