Carolyn T

Carolyn is an Author, Speaker, Personal and Professional Coach to Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners, an Integrative Adult Sleep Coach, a Chaplain, and a Wellness Advocate with dōTERRA.

She is a mother of four and nana to nine, and she knows first-hand that life isn't always easy. She knows the demands of being an entrepreneur, the stress and responsibility of being a single parent, the pressures of financial hardship, and what it's like to live with chronic pain and compromised health.

What Carolyn is known for is the natural calming effect she seems to have on people, and her ability to quiet the noise and calm the chaos. She has been told that she's a source of quiet strength and that she provides a soft place to land. She's a deep thinker who also loves simplicity and the practical side of life. The unique combination of grace and compassion, strength and softness, along with depth and down-to-earth practicality all come together in her work.

She is also the author of the book LIVING IN SYNC: WITH YOUR GOD-GIVEN DESIGN, that gives practical insights into our design and the way we're made. Carolyn is keenly aware that life is so much more difficult, the struggles so much greater, and the stress and lack of peace so much more intense the further we are from our God-given design. Part of her passion and calling is to help gently guide others to a place that is more and more in alignment with the life they're designed to live.

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