Jaime Chambron

Founder and Career Coach, Career Agility System
Jaime has over 20 years of experience building, growing and transforming teams within 10 different tech organizations and launching three businesses of her own. Starting as an Internet consultant in the Bay Area, she navigated her way across and up organizations to land service and customer success executive leadership roles throughout her journey. Finding herself and other colleagues often feeling unappreciated, unfulfilled, complacent and frustrated in their careers, she launched Career Agility System four years ago to leverage what she has learned to help women in tech accelerate getting unstuck and doing the work they love, are paid what they are worth and have the time to enjoy life. She is also an original co-founder of the Alliance of Technology and Women (ATW) based in Dallas, Texas. Here in 2002 she launched the secondary school girls in tech program GREAT MINDS that continues to thrive today. Jaime holds a computer science degree from Harvard University.

My inspiring life lessons: My parents did not go to college (high school and college drop outs) that motivated me to aspire for more; gravitated towards leadership in middle school on

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