Christine Miles

Listening elevate everything. Creativity. Results. Relationships. Our humanity.

Let me show you how.

Hi, I'm Christine. I'm a professional keynote speaker, award-winning author, entrepreneur, educator, and expert in the field of listening differently. I'm on a mission to create a Listening Movement. A movement, revolutionizing the communication paradigm, where listening to understand, not speaking, is recognized as the most important and powerful form of communication.

Dealing with my mother’s pain and adversity, I learned to listen differently from a very young age. My ability to listen is what has always set me apart. In contrast, throughout my career, I saw the inability to listen as a common thread in the failure of leaders, salespeople, projects, businesses, and relationships. I also recognized that while we’re taught the importance of listening, we are rarely taught how. I founded EQuipt to change this.

To scale EQuipt’s Listening Movement, I published the award-winning book, What Is It Costing You Not to Listen?: The Power of Understanding to Connect, Influence, Solve & Sell (2021). Based on the principles outlined in my book, I created the Listening Path®, a practical toolset, and a game-based learning approach to mastering listening differently, helping to transform the personal and professional lives of many.

With a background in psychology, I have spent 25+ years training individuals and organizations on unlocking the power of emotional intelligence to drive business and personal results, solve complex problems, and build enduring relationships. Through all mediums of my work, I engage my audiences with humor, inspiration, and hope. And leave them ready to have different kinds of conversations. The kind that can positively shift business outcomes. Team dynamics. Customer engagements. Personal relationships. The kinds of conversations that change lives.

My inspiring life lessons: I've learned, both personally and through all my client work, we put so much focus on finding solutions, and yet, it is listening, and true understanding, that solves most problems.

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