Cynthia H

It is my absolute pleasure to help you live your most joyous and abundant life!

I employ my 20 years of experience as a Psychiatrist, Energy Psychtherapist and Intuitive Counselor to assist you in identifying and releasing unconscious beliefs that create patterns of limitation and disappointment. Together we create the clarity, mindset and plan of action needed to transform your relationship to love and purpose.

In addition to a Medical Doctorate, I hold certifications in The Emotional Freedom Technique and I am one of 12 world-wide instructors of The Healing Angel Protocol. I am also a certified Master Level Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy, bringing you the best that tradtional medicine and quantum level healing have to offer.

My inspiring life lessons: One of my greatest influences was working with member of Arizona's Native American cultures, who modeled for me the relevance of our beliefs and the meaning we give to our experiences. I would later encounter other pioneers in the field of Epigenetics who show us the power of perception to alter our reality.

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