Daniel C**

Ex VP Disney, Best-Selling Author

Daniel is a leadership expert with knowledge in organizational fitness, intentional relationships

Disney's Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort is the largest and most popular theme park in the world with more than 20 million guests each year. As Vice President, Dan led a team of 12,000 cast members and was responsible for daily operations. In addition to overseeing operations, he worked on annual financial planning and long-term master planning for the Magic Kingdom. Dan is now traveling the world sharing that experience as a keynote speaker, author, and leadership coach. Dan wants to talk business, and address individual issues about profit, results, service, and customer experience. Using this unique format, he will guarantee that your leadership style is transformed.

My inspiring life lessons: I walked away from corporate life to share and pass on my knowledge and experience in an impactful way by educating companies, regardless of industry, to create a culture that guarantees sustainable success.

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Thank you again for sharing some impactful lessons and knowledge. We received great feedback and comments. I personally, loved the lead self part!