Don Farrell

I have spoken at over 1700 conferences, most as the keynote speaker. I have launched two training companies, the first becoming the largest in the world with 383 associates, well over 10K clients, licensees in 44 countries and it became an industry icon. Sold that large company 21 years later to start one that would become the very best, Fresh Revenues. Needless to say, I love to speak and train and always get the highest satisfaction marks from every audience. Starting my professional life as a pot scrubber for Marriott Hotels, I was able to work my way up through many of the hospitality ranks, so my education and what I teach is from first-hand experience and therefore, deliver very practical and tactical advice, suggestions and information. Hospitality is at the root of any and all businesses and am able to transfer my education and experience to each and every listener. I guarantee everyone will learn 3 new somethings they can take back and start to use immediately and for the long-term.

My inspiring life lessons: Started 2 training companies and grew one into the largest in the world and the other the very best, so I've learned a lot from working with tens of thousands of clients all over the world.

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