I am an executive leader with 11 years of experience cultivating remarkable success by designing, developing, and launching training and development tools to drive organizational growth and achieve business goals. A devoted people leader with a keen ability to attract and retain top talent by creating a continuous learning environment and identifying opportunities to facilitate enhanced professional growth. Demonstrated forward-thinking strategist, empowering others through knowledge and best practices to drive innovation, spearheading change, and transforming operations. Champion of inclusive practices, encouraging and supporting diversity in thought and perspective to improve learning methods and outcomes. Strategic project leader, able to accomplish complex objectives and mitigate deviations from strategy. Well-versed in designing and delivering technical training workstreams, enhancing learning, and maximizing the utilization of talent and resources.

My inspiring life lessons: As a kid, my Coach saw something special in me that I had yet to discover within myself. With words of encouragement, that coach extended a helping hand, inviting me to join his team. With every practice and match, my confidence soared, and I began to understand the true power of unlocking my potential. Deep within my heart, I made a silent promise to myself and the universe. I vowed to pay forward the kindness and investment I had received from Coach Winans. So, I dedicated my life's work to empowering minds, providing opportunities for those who, like me, didn't know their full potential until someone believed in them.

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