Frank I**

Ex NYPD Detective, 9/11 First Responder

Frank is an expert in stoicism, mindfulness, living life fully, mindset, and mental health.

Frank inspired others about the significance of mental health awareness throughout his twenty-year career in the New York City Police Department. As a police officer, he helped to create outreach programs that provided mentoring and healthy activities for young people in the community. After being promoted to Detective, Frank’s work with victims of violent crime and other tragedies exposed him to the devastating effects of mental health crises and the need for suicide awareness in the workplace as well as at home. In retirement, Frank focuses on his work educating on self-care and mindfulness, he is an avid practitioner of meditation and yoga, and is completing his first Italian cookery book, "Meals and Memories with Nonno" .

Worked with: NYPD, POPPA, Police Athletic League

My inspiring life lessons: I use Stoic philosophy with modern-day strategies to help you find tranquility. My working-man wisdom, combined with ancient teachings create a practical approach to establish life skills that will inspire you to live life, not watch it go by.

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Frank keep up the great work.

Paul F about listing Living Life Fully Mindset 4 months ago.

Frank is a very rare combination of down to earth guy who thinks like a philosopher. He listens well and provides wisdom that makes sense "on the street."

Bill W** about listing Living Life Fully Mindset 4 months ago.

Frank is an inspired speaker and trainer whose experience as a 9/11 First Responder -- he was a New York City detective -- gives him an exceptionally unique perspective on people’s thoughts and behavior, especially in stressful situations. The insights he shares will certainly bridge the gap between how you may have been taught to think about and respond to real-world problems and how you can discover a real-world strategy for growth. I highly recommend Frank to anyone who wants to improve their ability to stay calm in high-stress situations.

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