Gina Longo

Specialising in helping businesses solve the expensive problem of employee turnover.

It's no secret that employee turnover comes with high costs.

How high? Well, in addition to the out-of-pocket cost to recruit, hire, and train replacements—estimates range from 50% to more than 200% of an employee's salary—when employees leave, the total cost also includes lost productivity, decreased morale, loss of institutional knowledge, and more.
I'm Gina Longo, a former airline captain and flight instructor who flew as pilot in command on 3000+ flights and carried more than 75,000 people (and many pets) safely to their destinations.
After 10 years as an airline pilot in the United States, I moved to Great Britain, where I trained corporate pilots in both the simulator and the classroom. When that phase of my career was done, I was lucky enough to be able to travel solo around the UK for three straight years.
In addition, I'm a Crew Resource Management Instructor, qualified to train flight crews how to connect, communicate, and collaborate, so they can complete their flights safely and efficiently.

Now I take my experience as a leader in the high-stakes, high-pressure aviation industry into the corporate world, specialising in helping businesses reduce employee turnover by improving leadership skills, so bad bosses don't drive away good employees.

Gina Longo: Leadership trainer and the creator of The Calmfident Leadership® System.

My inspiring life lessons: Wishing won't make it happen. Hoping won't make it happen. Only doing will make it happen.

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great conversation. Thanks.

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Let’s assume you need to discover new, innovative ways to help your teams upskill or reskill and be the best they can be. If that’s the case, and I hope it is, then I recommend you talk with Gina. She combines her experience as an airline captain, Crew Resource Management Instructor, and dog trainer to bring a fresh, unencumbered perspective on leadership that gets results and isn’t bogged down by outdated thinking. She works hard to make sure her trainings and talks are on-topic, entertaining, and interactive. I highly recommend working with Gina.

Gina’s talks and workshops are informative and entertaining, and her experience as an airline captain gives her unique insights into how to lead effectively under pressure. Because of her distinctive background, her approach to leadership training is anything but your usual corporate-training doublespeak, which makes her workshop programs not only transformational but fun. I recommend working with Gina, especially if you’re looking to protect your business during times of economic change.