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For over ten years I worked at Cargill and Ameriprise in HR, leadership development, and change management roles at corporate headquarters, production facilities, and offices in the US and Australia. I managed development programs specifically for high-achieving women. After I started my business, I coached and presented to women across a huge variety of roles and companies, including Fortune 500 companies like Deloitte, Boston Scientific, and General Mills and as well as the Women in Manufacturing Annual Summit and Society For Women Engineers Global Conference.

Everywhere I went, I saw the same story. Too many amazing women questioned themselves. They felt like they could never disappoint anyone. They believed they had to make everything perfect and prove themselves over and over again. They worried about being too direct - while at the same time needing to be seen as confident. They felt like they didn't know enough to share their great idea or go for the promotion, even though they were highly qualified and knew more than enough.

It wasn't just them. I felt it myself too. And I wanted to do something about it.

I'm on a mission to have more women create their own rules for life and share their voice with the world. My keynotes on Creating Your Own Rules For Success, Imposter Syndrome, and Discovering Your Authentic Voice get right to the heart of this mission, while acknowledging the very real barriers that exist - and what needs to happen to stop those barriers from getting in the way in the first place.

That mission continues through my award-winning book, An Overachiever's Guide To Breaking The Rules, which invites readers to get off the hamster wheel, take a breath, and reconnect to their truth separate from achieving and productivity.

It's time to let go of expectations, live your truth, and change the world. Are you in?

Learn more at www.heatherwhelpley.com

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