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Welcome to Elevate! 

Elevate is a safe, secure place to buy and sell knowledge.

Buyers: If you need help finding a speaker or expert for your business: 

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For Buyers

We now offer 1000+ live listings on trending knowledge for your business. Your involvement means the world to us! All our prices are backed by a service level agreement, secure payment and a service quality guarantee. You'll be able to find professional experts at prices and modalities exclusive to Elevate. From a 20-minute talk on Zoom to a week-long workshop, we've got you covered. 

  • Use the search filters to narrow down choices, locations, and budgets, or just enter a keyword. Alternatively just browse for inspiration!
  • Contact speakers or coaches directly! If you love the approach and have questions or suggestions for something extra, your expert provider can create a listing just for you.
  • Check ratings and reviews for each provider to manage trust, engagement and inspiration.
  • Contact us and explain what you're looking for and we'll create a buyer listing for you. 
  • Kindly transact through Elevate - we brought you together in good faith and positivity. We are a community dedicated to the spread of knowledge and inspiration - so we appreciate you helping us grow and stay fair! 
    • The provider is paid only once you have reported receiving a top-class delivery.
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For Experts 

Welcome! It's great to have you join us. We're building a community of elite experts, speakers, and coaches, growing every day - we're thrilled that you're joining us! Our support team will be in touch to check on your progress and help in any way we can. 

Your first steps:

  • Set up your profile : Include your full name, display name, username, location, your best headshot, and a detailed bio!
  • Set up your payment settings so you can get paid
  • Create your listings! Start Here!
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  • Elite members enjoy weekly Strategy Workshops. Look out for details and the invite directly in your inbox. 

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We hope you enjoy Elevate! 

The Elevate team

The backstory

Elevate started back in 2019, and we experimented with a number of different expert services to business, like masterclasses, learning, workshops, live virtual events, and speaking. We sold speaking gigs both directly and indirectly and figured there must be a better way.

We grew from a few people to hundreds of experts and speakers from all over the world. We deliver applied knowledge in the form of speaking, workshops, and hybrid sessions, globally (live or on stage). Today we're building towards 1000 providers of a diverse set of expertise and delivery modalities, in response to the growing needs and challenges facing businesses and individuals globally. 

We talk about trending issues

Remote performance, Decentralized teams, Mental health, Resilience, Pace of change, Creative Problem-solving, Innovation, Anticipating the Future, Purpose, and Integrity, Empathic leadership, Staff retention, Energy and motivation, Sustainability, Digital transformation, Connected relationships, Mindset and Imposter Syndrome, Stress management....and much more...