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We build demand. You do supply.

How do we choose who can list? 
In reality, you choose us. The most confident, experienced speakers tend to self-select, and ultimately we have editorial oversight. Active profiles, with reviews and ratings always rise to the top - all marketplace platforms like Airbnb and Lyft operate like this. 

How do we create trust and security?

  • Secure online payment using Stripe.
  • Seller receives payment on successful delivery.
  • Reciprocal rating and reviews create mutual respect.
  • Terms and conditions limit liability of both parties.

We deal with the best and the brightest. We have a high bar for content, photography, video excellence.

  • Create your profile - make it great!
  • Build a listing - e.g. a one-hour experience you've developed.
  • Price the listing: low at first, more as you receive reviews.
  • Once we are both happy: we approve and publish.
  • Create your price points and listings.
  • Buyer requests your offering having already paid into Elevate.
  • Payout to you once the buyer rates and reviews positive.

What do we do for you?

  • We will work tirelessly 24/7 to promote you globally.
  • We will guide you to promote your best self, your very best profile, and your optimal listing.

What do we need from you?

  • Our relationship is based on reciprocal excellence, we want you to thrive, and we also need your involvement, passion, and support.
  • Throwing a profile together and expecting money to flow is not going to work, and we will purge listings that are dormant.
  • Put as much passion, content, and enthusiasm into your profile as you would expect buyers to do when working with you.
  • Create at least 3 listings for your profile initially.


    • Listing 1: Business Development
      • For an entry-level talk, for business development, and to test the functionality and process, we want to get you booked.
      • Start at $300, and build up your star ratings and reviews.
      • We've called these Q&A - you provide real value, and it could be 30 or 60 minutes.
      • Ask fellow members to reciprocate a review/rating process.
      • Once you have 5 reviews, increase your BD price.

    • Listing 2: Workshop
      • A more substantial encounter, perhaps for a small group, superior to the $400 mark.

    • Listing 3: Full price talk, Speaking, Coaching Program
      • Show your true worth with a price point to get inquiries and bookings.
      • Can be invoiced or billed through the site.
      • Detailed who it's for, what the transformation is.
      • Add YouTube for added detail and drama!
      • Averages around $3500 to $7500.

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much business you get is a function of the quality of your listings, your price point, and/or the popularity of what you speak about. We curate the site for excellence. Ultimately once you are approved, you manage these three variables yourself. 

We reach around 3000 unique visitors a month currently and It's entirely B2B, (business consumer as individuals or on behalf of their company). 

How successful is Elevate?

Elevate as a business sold $80,000 gross in Version 2.0 during an R&D phase, and we have already identified $100,000 of sales (we know is coming) in the first quarter of Version 3.0. We are aiming to book a run rate of $200k/month gross by end of 2022. 

How can you be sure we'll make you money?

Without listing, it's not possible to obtain profit through Elevate. How much you make on the other end of the spectrum is a function of your effort in the listing, the quality of your work, and ours in creating demand. 

How does commission work?

We charge a 15% commission for the services & support we provide. For our commission, we have taken into account market behavior and fairness with our clients, but also with our company and our employees. The average market commission is 30%, for which we consider our commission equitable.

What to keep in mind for a listing description?

We recommend adding an explicit, detailed description, with what the listing is about, who it’s directed to, what people will be able to learn/get out of the session, what’s included (topics), and additional and valuable information!

What images can I use for the listing?

In order to guarantee the best results, use JPG, GIF, or PNG images that are 660x440 pixels.

Why don't you accept external links on your page?

For internal reasons, it is not possible to use personal links because this affects the traffic of our page, causing the leads to go to an external place and possibly affecting the sale through our channel, for this reason, we do not accept listings with links to external pages (with the exception of YouTube).

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