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Welcome Experts, Speakers, Coaches!

We're a community working together to provide knowledge and improve lives. The "elite" sets us apart from bureaux and other marketplaces - all our members are very experienced, published authors, holders of PHDs and significant life experience. If that sounds like you - read on! 

How to get started
1. Create a new Elevate account: just click the red button "Start Here" on the top right. Once you confirm your email, you'll be ready to start setting up your profile information, notifications & payments settings.

2. Profile settings
  • Make sure to add your full name in the "Display name" field, this way clients can find you easier!
  • Select your "Username". Your username is used as part of the unique URL of your profile page.
  • Add your "Location". Even if you're only offering virtual sessions, adding your current location or the location you want to be associated with is recommended. This way, when running Campaign Ads, for example in Colorado, your name will be picked up!
  • Add your best headshot in high resolution, with your face centered. The profile picture should be in a square format (1:1 ratio), for example, 800x800 pixels.
  • Add a detailed bio about yourself, your career, who you've worked with, your expertise, and a life lesson or quote.

3. Payment settings: So there is a higher level of incentive for Elevate as a whole, and enterprise sales executives, promoters, affiliates, and introducers to create the business lead in the first place, we charge a 25% commission on sales The other 75% goes directly to your own account, so it's fundamental you fill out your "Payout preferences". 

4. Create your listings! Click on "Start Here!".
  • Select your category of expertise.
  • Create a keyword-rich title for your offering, make it clear and eyecatching
  • Price as you wish.
  • Add a detailed description for your listing:
    • Who it’s directed to
    • What they will learn (outcomes)
    • Topics, and more!
    • Add a Youtube video to complete your listing! Paste the link in the description box and when saved, your video will pop on the page.
  • Select the "Running time" of your session.
  • Select 1 out of the 6 "Delivery types".
  • Select the "Modality" of your listing.
  • The location should automatically be there if you updated this field in "Settings" (Step 2).
  • To guarantee the best results, use JPG, GIF, or PNG images that are 660x440 pixels, to avoid "grey sides".
  • Submit for review. Our team works hard to ensure you have the best listing set up for publishing!

5. Help us grow! 
  • Invite your audience to rate your listings and leave a review in the "Public Discussion" section. The better your listing, we will be able to support you with Google Ads and Deep Analytics.

  • When visiting our member's profiles, you're able to follow them to keep up with their updates, new listings, & more! We’re a growing community and every bit of support helps!

Frequently-Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much business will I get?
This is a function of the quality of your listings, your price point, and/or the popularity of what you speak about. Ultimately once you are approved, you manage these three variables yourself. We reach around 3000 unique visitors a month currently.

How successful is Elevate?
Elevate as a business sold $80,000 gross in Version 2.0 during an R&D phase, and we have already identified $100,000 of sales (we know is coming) in the first quarter of Version 3.0. We are aiming to book a run rate of $200k/month gross by end of 2022.

How does Elevate generate demand?
Direct messaging to enterprise decision-makers, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, LinkedIn Marketing, and LinkedIn Organic.

How can I be sure you'll make me money?
Without listing, it's not possible to obtain profit through Elevate. How much you make on the other end of the spectrum is a function of your effort in the listing, the quality of your work, and ours in creating demand.

How does commission work?
We charge a 25% commission for the services & support we provide. For our commission, we have considered market behavior and fairness with our clients, but also with our company and our employees. The average market commission is 30%, for which we consider our commission equitable.

How does Elevate choose who can list?
In reality, you choose us. The most confident, experienced speakers tend to self-select, and ultimately, we have editorial oversight. Active profiles, with reviews and ratings, always rise to the top - all marketplace platforms like Airbnb and Lyft operate like this.

How does Elevate create trust and security?
Secure online payment using Stripe, Seller receives payment on successful delivery, Reciprocal rating and reviews create mutual respect, Terms and Conditions limit the liability of both parties.

What do you do for me?
We will work tirelessly 24/7 to promote you globally, we will guide you to promote your best self, your very best profile, and your optimal listing.

What do you need from me?

  • Our relationship is based on reciprocal excellence, we want you to thrive, and we also need your involvement, passion, and support.
  • Throwing a profile together and expecting money to flow is not going to work, and we will purge listings that are dormant.
  • Put as much passion, content, and enthusiasm into your profile as you would expect buyers to do when working with you.

What to keep in mind for a listing description?

We recommend adding an explicit, detailed description, with what the listing is about, who it’s directed to, what people will be able to learn/get out of the session, what’s included (topics), and additional and valuable information!

What images can I use for the listing?
To guarantee the best results, use JPG, GIF, or PNG images that are 660x440 pixels.

Why don't you accept external links on your page?
For internal reasons, it is not possible to use personal links because this affects the traffic of our page, causing the leads to go to an external place and possibly affecting the sale through our channel, for this reason, we do not accept listings with links to external pages (except for YouTube).

Why can’t I generate demand for myself?
You can. However, the lone wolf approach is fine for some speakers, and many are highly successful at it, but it’s significantly more inefficient to market solo. It is unlikely that by creating a ‘go-to brand’ you will immediately rise above the noise of others doing the same. To make money from speaking or coaching, you have limited resources which you need to make as efficient as possible. We passionately believe that your time is valuable and undersold. The Elevate approach is to drive demand centrally, ensure a high-quality product offering, and allow customers to find you within a controlled environment that has a reputation for excellence.

Who exactly is your customer target audience at Elevate?

Search Engine Triggers
B2B: We target Directors, VP, CXOs in Human Resources, Event Planning, and related roles, in outreach campaigns.
Your keyword audience: Once you have sold your first program, you’ve demonstrated to Elevate you mean business. We’ll back you by including your search keywords in our own paid ad campaigns.

What about competition? Why should I be part of a community which might dilute my own power to sell?
Every speaker on the internet is your competition. We invite you to position yourself in an environment the customer feels is well balanced, curated, design-led, live, and evolving. Your marketing potential is greatly amplified on a platform that prioritizes the very best, and in a positive-cyclical way, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is triggered positively by constantly evolving content. Our site is being updated and improved every day by administrators, and most of all by all our members. This means we will race up the rankings relative to static websites.

Why is the Elevate model smart for me?
Elevate is a community of the best experts, speakers, and coaches. We co-create a space that has a reputation for excellence and pulls demand. Elevate plans to dominate Google search for expertise, and become the default live inventory, (managed by the providers themselves). What we can promise is a relentless pursuit of success for you, and in so doing, for Elevate too. We are grateful for you, your work, and your professionalism.

Providing account and routing info is a risky business and opens me up to cyber crime, how do you protect my payment information?

First of all, Elevate does not store or process any credit card information, since all credit card information is handled by Stripe or PayPal. In regards to Stripe, they are a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, which is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. PCI, (Payment Card Industry) is a security standard handled by major card providers, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. This means that Stripe uses the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security. If you're interested in the details, you can read more about how Stripe handles security here.

For more information:

  • Start today: click the red button on the top of this page and submit your first listing!
  • Contact Victoria: She's our Operations Manager and will help you along the way!
  • If you're interested in our Enterprise services, check out our presentation.
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