Izabela L

Izabela Lundberg is an unwavering optimist. This true people champion overcame war, torture, genocide, and living in five countries since she was 19 while facing tremendous loss of loved ones as she successfully navigated the ropes of life as a refugee, immigrant, and female global leader. 

As a result, she discovered early on what it takes to learn and unlock the champion within, a true inner strength. To choose to champion yourself or others during the most challenging times is a highly beneficial and transformative strategy that leads us to tap into our highest human potential.

She is known as an Inspirational Magnetic Keynote Speaker who knows how to energize, engage and enchant an audience from organizations, universities, and charitable organizations to sports teams and various associations.

Izabela is a unique individual with a personal story sprinkled with miracles.

She is described as “…a woman that helped us to restore our dreams,” “pure inspiration and motivation,” “The World Messenger,” “…A leader with a big heart,” and “A change agent and someone who inspires greatness...” by her captivated global audiences.

As a Global Business, Leadership, and Refugee Subject Matter Expert, Polyglot, Global Traveler, Humanitarian, TEDx Speaker, and former Refugee, Izabela brings a wealth of knowledge to global leaders and their teams as they break through their fear to achieve better results than ever in business, sports, or life while enjoying the process.

Izabela’s keynotes inspire and motivate others to face their fears, find their leadership, and champion superpower while tackling the most pressing and complex challenges in business, sports, and life. 

Izabela is available for:

In-person Keynote, Virtual Keynote, Awards Host, Conference Host/EMCEE, After Dinner Speaker, Master Event/Conference Facilitation, Corporate Films/Videos, TV Presenter/Host/Interviewer, Product Ambassador, Podcast Guest, and Guest Appearances. 

Izabela has spoken in person and virtually at more than 75 conferences and events worldwide.

My inspiring life lessons: Antidote for Great Resignation is not Restructuring! It is the Reinvention of Your Culture, Leadership & Organization! Your Talent and Teams ability to engage, perform, and produce desired results consistently are determined by your Leadership and Culture. Thriving Cultures are built through connection, communication, and collaboration.

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