John A

Founder CEO BBXUK, Keynote Speaker and Best Selling Author

Specialties: Sales, Sales Management, Franchising, Recruitment, Monetizing spare capacity, Money, and Strategy

John has worked for multinationals like Coca-Cola Lend Lease and Microsoft which he hated every minute! He is one of the foremost authorities in the digital trade-credit complementary currency space and is best known for working with medium-sized businesses that survive despite their best efforts not to!

It's the simple stuff customers and people observing see that the business is too close to see and if you can change a few simple things then you will expect to see from 10 - 50% increase in top-line revenue without a measurable increase in cost! John has twice successfully exited businesses he founded and helped grow for 7 figure sums. He is equally at home delivering NED-type consultations to boards or management teams as constructing informative seminars keynotes and podcasts on an array of business topics which are suitable for those looking to start upscale up or exit.

My inspiring life lessons: Do something with spare capacity - " The difference between current revenue and potential revenue without increasing fixed cost "

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