John D. Hanson

Across multiple industries, John D. Hanson has established himself as an engaged leader, earning promotions & management opportunities.

Within 90 days of hire for a Fortune 10 company, John trained onboarding team members due to top scores in quality & service.

While working full-time & serving on reserve military duty, John earned 2 bachelor’s degrees, graduating with a 4.0 GPA in both, in just 2 years.

His book, “WOW Your Customers! 7 Ways to World-Class Service” published in 2018, selling copies world-wide. His 2nd book, Winning Secrets, is coming out 9/14/23. John has interviewed leaders on every continent, as well as addressing global summits, in-person conferences and virtual events.

He's been a repeat guest on Mr. Biz B2B Radio, a nationally-broadcast show, and other podcasts & panels worldwide. His live, weekly radio show, The Heroic Experience, ran for 2 seasons with 40+ episodes.

His 8-year tour with the U.S. Army ended in 2016 & included a tour in Iraq.

My inspiring life lessons: My life purpose is to Encourage Others, and it takes several forms: Speaking, Business Coaching, Writing, and Consulting.

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