Joyce Odidison

Are you looking to do something revolutionary in your career or organization this year? Let’s have a conversation to explore new opportunities for learning that will maximize your work possibilities.

Whether you head a training department in need of competency-based content for your employees, are a busy professional climbing the corporate ladder, an emerging or seasoned leader, or a diverse employee in need of support to address barriers to exclusion; let's have a call to explore.

I am grateful to have served a diverse clientele in my decades of work as a Conflict Analyst, Keynote Speaker Mediator, Leadership Coach, Workplace Wellness Expert, Corporate Trainer, and former University and College Instructor.

I have created high-level training content, innovative tools, and processes to increase harmony, reduce stress, promote DEI, resolve interpersonal challenges, and foster well-being at work for decades. This includes leadership coaching and organizational development, which have thankfully shown remarkable results. The work I do has no end, there is always more to do, so I am grateful to love what I do.

I founded Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc., and Coach Velocity School of Coaching, which offers an ICF-approved program. I have also founded the annual Global Workplace Wellness Summit to provide a place for leaders and employees to connect, network, engage, and learn best practices to foster inclusive wellness at work.

My inspiring life lessons: Always be open to new opportunities and experiences.

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