Laura Mae L

Activist, Educator, Public Speaker

Laura Mae is an expert in antiracism, leadership, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Dr. Laura Mae Lindo (she/her/elle) is a respected activist and educator who holds both a Masters and PhD in Education. Committed to centering the most vulnerable in all she does, Dr. Lindo's work is enhanced by her acute knowledge of how to put anti-oppression theories into practice. A courageous public speaker, Dr. Lindo is known to take on issues often left unaddressed by the mainstream. From philosophy to politics, and from the academy to the community, Dr. Lindo grounds her practices in gratitude and love.

Worked with: York U, University of Prince Edward Island, Wilfrid Laurier University Diversity Institute, Ted Rogers School of Management

My inspiring life lessons: Anti-racism work is work of love. It's time to do "equity and diversity" work differently - that means moving towards some "Real Talk" about racism, imagining an anti-racist world, and bringing that vision into being with concrete actions.

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