Leadership: 5 Keys to Retaining and Engaging Your Dream Team

Leaders who advocate for their team enable career trajectory, which unlocks hidden potential, and increases motivation, productivity, engagement, and retention.

Authentic relationships are the key to engaging and retaining a leader's dream team. Building authentic relationships begins with trust. Team members must believe that the intention of their leadership is to build a positive relationship where the value is in the relationship itself.

For your dream team to be fully engaged, they must understand how leadership and team members can benefit one another. If one group takes more than another without offering to give, the relationship is transactional and will leave one group depleted. This type of relationship is eventually a dead end where people feel manipulated rather than treasured and seek other options. To fully captivate your team, engage them, and keep them, learn the keys to authentically connecting.


1) Effectively engage team members for top results.
2) Save time and increase productivity and profit.
3) Cultivate teams with high employee retention.
4) Increase confidence to lead your team to greatness.
5) Build independent groups into championship teams.

Sherry will take time to carefully assess your individual needs. The short program is held virtually. If you have any bespoke requirements, message Sherry your thoughts and she will arrange time to discuss them with you.

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Listing created May 5, 2022

Public discussion (2)

Annika S**

5 months ago

Authentic Leadership goes hand in hand with trust - I totally agree with you Sherry. For employees to thrive in work they need meaningful tasks and they need a safe environment. This subject is so important.

Sherry W**

5 months ago

Thanks Annika. I appreciate your knowledge and awareness.

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