Organizational Leadership (Full Day)

About this Elevate Session with Dan

Learn the secrets of leadership, looking after No. 1, thriving in business and life. Former Vice President at Walt Disney World, best-selling author and now global speaker ... Dan's leadership secrets are here for you to learn.

What's included

  • Myself, my origins and some tough lessons: Do your best and then forgive yourself.
  • Setting Expectations: What is success?, Self-care.
  • Strategy: Organizational fitness, Talent
  • Relationships: Think about relationships with intent.
  • Expectations: Creating clarity is critical to getting results.
  • Reward and Recognition: Done properly, it reinforces behaviour. Beware different cultures are radically different!
  • Difficult Conversations: Difficult conversations require clarity and brevity. You've got to be candid.
  • Strategy: Focus on employees, customers and making money.
  • Training and Development: Continuous improvement - The day you stop, is the day you'll be in trouble.
  • Problems versus Dilemmas: You'll never be done managing ... take some stress off.
  • Manage ups and downs: Louisville Slugger and the Ball
  • Disney Keys to Success

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Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: Full day
Listing created May 10, 2022

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John Doolittle, CAPT, USN (Ret)

6 months ago

Love your posting… well done!!


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