Strength Through Crises, A Resilient Mindset

About this Elevate Speaking Session

Talking points & ideas:

  • Strength through crises: Developing resilience How to get through crises unscathed and emerge stronger than before
  • Strategies to keep your head: The survival mindset when the going gets tough
  • Jungle Strategies for Digital Transformation: What kidnap survivors can teach us about to staying strong in a digital future

What's included

  • Getting kidnapped: The moment when terrorists turned my dream vacation into a nightmare
  • Embrace the challenge: How to accept and handle your fate instead of struggling with it
  • When down, think positive!: How to effectively stimulate your optimism and inner strength
  • Optimism can kill: Why positive thinking can be risky and how to make stress your friend
  • Don’t lose your head. Laugh!: How gallows humor can save you from freaking out
  • Don’t wait, do something: How to escape the role of a victim by boosting your self-efficacy
  • Never walk alone: How to team up in a crisis
  • Prospering from a crisis: 3 steps to really transform adversity into personal development
  • Out of the crisis, into the future: How to leverage challenges such as the pandemic
  • In summary: Challenges ahead

Delivery type:
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Video On-Demand
Running Time: 60 minutes

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