Problem Solving

About this Elevate 1-day Session

Your ability to positively influence the world you care about will drastically increase. Family, community, work, and world. They all need the best problem solver, the best leader that you can be. In this session, Bob will be able to train you to innovate better. He is widely respected for his ability to build innovation teams. Both for short-term crisis mitigation/problem solving, and for long-term strategic purposes.

Common Topics Covered

(Bob always customizes after hearing from you what specific challenges you are facing, and what motivates you to seek creative problem solving and innovation skills at this particular moment.)
- Innovation
- Creative thinking
- Creative Collaboration
- Innovation Leadership
- Innovation Culture
- Sustained Innovation Culture
- Building Innovation Culture
- Building Innovative Teams
- Leading Innovation Teams
- Improving employee creativity
- Creative Problem Solving
- Why innovation culture efforts often fail
- Fail-proofing Innovation Culture Efforts
- Organizational Development for Innovation
- Key training elements required for innovative workforce development
- 12 strategic action areas for innovation culture
- The people side of innovation
- Creative Thinking Style Preferences
- How to succeed at innovation
- Why innovation efforts fail and what to do to prevent that
- Facilitating problem-solving sessions

Delivery type:
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Video On-Demand
Running Time: Full day

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