Resilience: The Secret to Meeting Challenges That Seem Impossible

Resilient leaders don’t pretend or ignore obstacles; they simply refuse to live in them.

When we see the world through the lens that miracles don’t exist, there is no possibility for resilience. This mindset stops possibility before it can be imagined, but a leader who believes that there is limitless potential, moves their team members past challenges to accomplishing goals that most people deem impossible. To move the compass toward miracles, the trick is to see life as an adventure of never-ending opportunities. This requires faith in your abilities and training your team to have faith in their talents.

Resilience is teachable and requires the secrets of those who have made success an adventure. Leaders who see life as an adventure have altered their perception about life. They see possibility in every problem. They see freedom where others see oppression. They see loyalty when others see betrayal. They see good when others see evil.


  1. Learn the best method to overcome naysayers.
  2. Determine the most important action for continued success.
  3. Understand the power of taking responsibility.
  4. Access your inner winner.
  5. Double your productivity with a new belief system.

Sherry is accessible for one-on-one conversations prior to presentations so that your team members will receive the message and outcomes that you desire.

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