Business blunders and bloody great ideas!

About this Elevate Speaking Session

Get business owners to think outside the 9 dots and then implement tried and tested strategies to grow their business scale and sell it for more when they are done.

Most can expect somewhere from 8- 50% increases in efficiencies either by increasing top-line revenue or decreasing peripheral coasts or a combination of both.

Directed at business owners from start-up to board

Specifically, we look at the dumb stuff that most businesses don’t do that can be fixed without much, if any, cost.

What's included

Working on the observations that:

  1. People in business are not necessarily business people – they are great mechanics, marketers, hoteliers, etc., but lousy at some of the other stuff!
  2. 92 % of entrepreneurs are PRODUCT not SALES led – so they struggle with sales and consistency as well as customer service and delivery.
  3. They are too focused IN the business and do not take the time to step back and take a helicopter view of it from time to time.
  4. It’s the person, not what they do, that determines their success - Do you have the right people on your bus, and are they in the right seats?
  5. Space capacity is the biggest hidden most businesses have, yet they rarely (if ever) measure it, monitor it, or do something about it!
Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 90 minutes
Listing created May 23, 2022

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