Don't Confuse Addition for Inclusion

About this Elevate Workshop

Having tough conversations about DEI are critical. However, these conversations must also provide value, clarity, and practicality.

I have noticed that many universities and corporations say their goal is to increase by {insert whatever percent here} the number of {insert whatever underESTIMATED population here} but often fail to take efforts to actually make the environment inclusive. And guess what? That starts with supporting those that are already suffering there. Increasing a population before addressing the environment for incumbents is short-lived at best, because addition does not mean inclusion.

What's included

I would love to work with your university or company to address how you can go beyond being additive and work towards becoming inclusive. In addition to this topic, I can also offer 60-90 minute workshops on the following that include but are not limited to: understanding and avoiding stereotypes, unconscious bias and its impact, diversity tension, and microaggressions. These topics are centered in not only professional experiences but also on my lived experiences in higher education and in the world of business.

Running Time: 90 minutes
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Intro Session
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Listing created May 25, 2022

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Ariel S

10 months ago

"In my seminar for the Learning, Diversity, and Urban Studies (LDUS) M.Ed. Program at Vanderbilt University, I have sought to promote an understanding of praxis (i.e., reflection plus action) from a humanizing pedagogic perspective. That typically involves providing students with academic texts, holding spaces for discussions and inquiry and, principally, the engagement with guest speakers who are unwaveringly committed to the work of promoting equity and justice in and through education and are making their mark. This is key to our progress as a cohort, so that students can (re)imagine possible futures for themselves and for society. As an award winner of the prestigious Peabody Professional Promise Award and an alum of LDUS, Ariel has been a guest speaker in my courses multiple times after graduating. Her insightful perspectives, her clarity of purposes, and her intelligent accounts about her own experiences in successfully navigating the academy and society as a scholar and an entrepreneur have been invaluable to my students and to myself. She brings light, joy, possibility, and inspiration to the work of equity and justice we all aspire to do."

-Ana Christina Da silva Iddings, PhD

Professor of Practice of Education

Vanderbilt University

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