The Power of Purpose in Business - How to Craft & Communicate

About this Elevate Workshop

Are you operating in a hyper-competitive marketplace?
Are you struggling to control and reduce your costs?
Are you finding it difficult to attract, retain, and develop, top talent?
Are you not getting passionate engagement from your staff?
Are you experiencing anemic revenue growth?
Are you bring disrupted rather than being the disruptor?

“Purpose-driven companies that strategically activate social impact consistently outperform on sales, shareholder return, and employee retention.” – Forbes

Transitioning a company to a purpose-driven model takes more than just some nice words on the brochure. It takes a coordinated effort across every department to weave purpose into each function of the business. In this deeply engaging and fun workshop, Colt will guide your leadership in co-creating your visionary purpose and building out your purpose operationalization plan. This powerful and transformative workshop experience makes a fantastic addition to leadership retreats and in-house professional development events.

You’ll learn how to:

• Make a positive impact on the world and the lives of people that Company touches
• Enroll and empower both management and staff in operating from a visionary purpose
• Improve business operations:
• Improved employee engagement and retention
• Stronger attraction of top talent
• Increase sales and shareholder value
• Accelerate and magnify marketing impact
• Gain more and larger instances of earned media
• Increase brand loyalty among clients
• Strengthen you company’s capacity for innovation
• Decrease your organization’s potential to be disrupted by outside innovators

The benefits of going purpose-driven:
• Higher degree of customer loyalty
• Better employee engagement and retention
• Better able to attract top talent
• Strengthened capacity for innovation
• Decreased potential to be disrupted by outside innovators
• Increased sales and shareholder value
• Higher viral coefficient for marketing content
• Accelerated and magnified influencer marketing strategies
• More and larger instances of earned media
• Attract and retain top talent

Program Components:
• The 6 steps to becoming a purpose-driven business
• The three keys to sustaining purpose through rapid growth
• Purpose interview results - Review results of stakeholder interviews (conducted beforehand)
• Aligning your business leaders around shared values
• Capturing baseline – how to establish a quantifiable snapshot of the current state of your company relative being purpose-driven
• How to quantify and measure progress toward being a purpose-driven company
• The fundamentals of purpose – The Value-Action Pyramid and the role of purpose in business
• Tools and processes for effective co-creation of your company’s visionary purpose
• 4 purpose-driven business case studies – Learn how and why purpose-driven companies outperform their competition
• The business of purpose – Build a plan for communicating and operationalizing purpose in your organization
• Setting commitments - Document your takeaways and action plans, set the roadmap for putting purpose at the center of your strategy
• Delineating the “what” and “how” of purpose with practical examples
• Transitioning mindsets from profit-focused to purpose-focused
• The Innovation Adoption Curve and the 5 stages of going purpose-driven

You will leave empowered to set a visionary purpose. You will have alignment across your leadership team – with each member enrolled in a vision and plan that they co-created. You will have the plan and tools you need to succeed in transitioning your business to a purpose driven mode.

Delivery type:
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Video On-Demand
Running Time: Full day

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