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Enjoy 30 minutes of my undivided attention on your issue - this is about you and how I can help you. I will use my applied knowledge to focus on your specific questions and offer up solutions.

Mindset has always been right at the heart of my professional and personal life. Sport and school were my introductions to performance and then I became a therapist, a teacher, a life and executive coach, a CEO, and a speaker while being a partner, a colleague, and a friend! Trying to be my best self in all those roles, I realized something: the principles are the same! For the last 3 decades I gathered the key elements to performance and self-realization from my own experience and from the great of all eras. I made it a mission to democratize them. Are you in?

As an ex-international athlete and coach as well as a CEO, I learned a few lessons about performing and being at your best no matter what is being thrown at you. I stand on the shoulders of giants and help individuals in their journey to personal and professional self-realization! What is it you want?!


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Listing created Jun 19, 2022

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Caroline P

8 months ago

Michel is someone unique! Positive, enthusiasm and SO helpful. His coaching is very mindful; simple tips, recommendations or mindset changes that mean a lot and do the work inside yourself just as they are said and even more when it is put into practice. As he says, he is making me the CEO of my own life...

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