Creating Team Vision & Strategy

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The purpose of this short section is to get common understanding of the terms in use and how they are interrelated.
- Creative Destruction: Team vision and strategy are part of a cascade from industry competition to corporate vision, mission, and strategy to team response. All must be aligned even while industry conditions are changing.
- Mission & Purpose: Why the team exists and its role within the business model
- Vision: What we are trying a accomplish for our stakeholders.
- Strategy: Mission, purpose, and vision provide the description of what the team must accomplish. Strategy deals with how it will do so.

Four leadership responsibilities

This section is the heart of the workshop. It will introduce tools and techniques that can be used to enable the leaders’ responsibilities.
Every leader, at every organizational level, has four fundamental responsibilities:
- Sense changes in the competitive environment
- Make sense of these changes regarding vision, mission, and purpose
- Decide on a course of action (i.e., strategy)
- Act on intentions and execute plans.

Tools and techniques

  • Sense: Use the metaphor of a mental radar screen to think across time.
    • Reaction Zone: resolve today’s challenges
    • Adaptation Zone: build responses to emerging trends
    • Anticipation Zone: spend time looking for clues from the future.
  • Make Sense: Use the basics of critical thinking to explore strategic challenges
  • Decide on a course of action: identify the changes that must be made to existing operations and the risk tolerance for these changes.
  • Act and learn: Close the gap between strategic intention and good implementation of the plans. Examine the projects, capabilities, and capacity needed to close the gap.


The remaining time is used to take and answer questions.

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