Leadership to Help Your Business Survive in a Turbulent Economy

About this Elevate Training Workshop

In uncertain times like these, good leadership can be the difference between a business surviving… or crashing and burning.

This fast-paced workshop is designed to improve the vital leadership skills your team needs to restore the enthusiasm, productivity, and motivation that will help safeguard your business during a downturn.

What this means to you:

Maintaining a stable workforce through effective leadership makes good business sense: studies show that it can cost up to 2x an employee's annual salary to replace that person.

Lost productivity combined with the costs of hiring and training a new employee represent significant expenses that can make it more difficult for your company to protect itself during economic turmoil.

Your team's ability to lead well can make the difference between your employees being happy, productive, and fulfilled… or them leaving at the first opportunity to go work with someone else.

Remember: when you do leadership right, you do business right.

How to do leadership right:

  • Get your mind right: roadblocks to good leadership and how to move beyond them.
  • Get your team right: insights how to build productive teams, and what your most important job as a leader is.
  • Get your communications right: tips on how to communicate clearly, efficiently, and effectively.

What you can expect:

By the end of this 30-minute session, your leaders will have begun to restore the vital skills they need to help them keep their teams happy, motivated, and productive, so they're less likely to leave.

NOTE: This workshop can be extended into a longer (up to 90 minutes) training session, so please contact me for more information if your team needs extended training. For in-person events, travel and hotel costs are in addition to the workshop fee.


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Running Time: 30 minutes
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Intro Session
Listing created Jul 5, 2022

Public discussion (2)

Annika S**

2 months ago

This looks like a great service. I love that you say: "when you do leadership right, you do business right" - because I think you do right in saying so :) The leader must be the leader!

Sherry W**

2 months ago

Gina is top notch. She has the real-life experience of successful leadership that will enhance any leader's knowledge. Gina doesn't just speak words; she has lived them.

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