The Psychology to Lead

Program Description

To increase the effectiveness of your daily leadership behaviors, you and your teammates will learn how to apply principles of behavior modification and social psychology.

In this interactive, engaging seminar, the presenter provides colorful, real examples to illustrate the learning points. Throughout the program, questions and comments are encouraged.

This seminar can be delivered virtually or in person at your site, depending upon the extent of travel involved. The time of day is also flexible: The seminar is typically held as a morning event but could be held as an afternoon event. As a third alternative, the event could include a substantial intermission in which you provide lunch to your team, with the program resuming following the meal.

The seminar is filled with actionable content, including tools that the learner can begin applying immediately to all leadership challenges.


Defining Leadership

  • Management
  • Supervision
  • Leadership

Defining Organizational Needs

  • Creative Work
  • Analytical Work
  • Inventive Work
  • Collaborative Work

Behavior Modification

  • Using Reinforcement
  • Using Punishment
  • Selecting the Best Schedules of Reinforcement
  • Shaping Behavior
  • Using Extinction

Social Psychology

  • Motivation
  • Expectations
  • Group Decision-making
  • Persuasion
  • Cohesion and Team-building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Altruism


  • The Key
  • Application
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Video On-Demand
Running Time: Half day
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