LMA - The Art, Science and Joy of Effective Corporate Leadership

Leadership Mastery Alliance is a training/mastermind program to help corporate leaders overcome their greatest leadership challenges, be sought after and admired, exceed their goals and expectations, get well rewarded for what they do, all while loving their job and having great life balance!

This is for corporate leaders who...

  • Are committed to having the best possible career without feeling like they are beat down at the end of the day.
  • Are ready to take charge of the next level of their leadership.
  • Want to learn how to powerfully and authentically have the impact, respect and influence they are there to have.
  • Are determined to make their career enjoyable for themselves and their teams.
  • Want people to immediately of them when they think of their most admired, impactful and servant-based leaders.
  • Are ready to create more time and space in their day to focus on the activities that are going to make the biggest difference in their career.
  • Have the integrity & authenticity to shine as they are while stepping fully and confidently into their leadership zone of genius.

In the last year alone I have helped over 250 leaders at predominantly Fortune 100 companies enjoy the freedom and fulfillment of achieving (and often exceeding) their KPI’s, have highly motivated and engaged teams, and the admired leader they were meant to be, all while freeing up their time and enjoying great work/life balance, feeling amazing about who they are and the results they achieve.


  • Julie, who was able to clearly demonstrate her strength and experience which positioned her perfectly for the new leadership role she was offered.
  • Stephanie, who reduced her stress level, increased her work performance, turned around challenging work relationships and was called by executive leadership to apply for a VP position, all in less than 6 months!
  • Courtney, who was named CRN Top 40 under 40 and has created a phenomenal, world-class, top-performing team.
  • Tarun, who was able to successfully work through incredible challenges with clarity, focus, and decreased stress levels.
  • Christina, who was able to powerfully articulate her message and deliver it on the TEDx stage.
  • Nacho, who exceeded KPIs and got promoted while spending more quality time with family.

These are just some of the results I’m seeing recently…

After coaching 100s of leaders and executives at Fortune 500 companies and across several industries, I know how straightforward and effective leadership can be IF you have the simple strategies and a powerful framework. I’ve also seen capable leaders struggle in frustration, wasting valuable time and missing opportunities when they don’t know what they’re doing. It doesn’t have to be this way for you.

It’s simple if leaders understand…

  • How to have a better understanding of who they are and their leadership zone of genius so you can function at your highest level without burning out.
  • What it takes to confidently step into their ability to lead themselves and others well.
  • How to have strong, thriving professional relationships, even with the most challenging people, so they can have the influence and impact they want.
  • How to lead themselves well (stress reduction, work/life balance, emotional intelligence, boundaries, etc)
  • How to lead others well (building and leading highly engaged, high performing and motivated teams).
  • How to prepare and position themselves (and their direct reports) for the next steps in their careers.

With all that in place leaders can easily make the difference they’re here to make, doing more in less time and enjoying great work/life balance, all in an easier way than they ever thought possible.

From our clients...

"My coaching experience with Sharissa has far exceeded my expectations. Sharissa is a subject matter expert on a number of topics including time management, communication (difficult conversations and motivating), leadership skills, emotional intelligence, developing resilience in the workplace, increasing confidence, developing self-care habits, adapting to change, and building relationships. Sharissa always had an interesting new way of approaching different situations as she has an insatiable thirst for learning new techniques and sharing them with her clients.

Sharissa helped me tremendously in preparing for conversations with upper management as well as my direct reports. One technique that worked well in a difficult review discussion with my manager was approaching the conversation in an open way and visualizing a positive outcome, and the resulting conversation went way better than I thought it could. Sharissa encourages her clients to understand colleagues from a curiosity standpoint and to give others the benefit of the doubt."

-Tina S., Warner Brothers Studios Leadership

Hourly rate starts at $500/hr


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