Professionalism & Communication Workshop

How to use 4 Fundamental Principles to Transform Communication

Sometimes leaders can be tough and focused. Install a new set of tools in respect, professionalism, and leadership. Frank carefully lays out new ground rules for behavior, communication and professionalism. He aims and succeeds for the audience to understand professionalism, human dignity, and positive interactions, walking away with a new perspective on conduct in and out of the workplace.

Frank's Background:

Frank is an expert in stoicism, mindfulness, living life fully, and mental health. He inspired others about the significance of mental health awareness throughout his twenty-year career in the New York City Police Department. As a police officer, he helped to create outreach programs that provided mentoring and healthy activities for young people in the community. After being promoted to Detective, Frank’s work with victims of violent crime and other tragedies exposed him to the devastating effects of mental health crises and the need for suicide awareness in the workplace as well as at home.

Workshop Outline:

  • Win-over: 15 minutes on 9/11 and how the NYPD worked hand-in-hand with other services and construction
  • Turn: How Frank learned dignity and respect
  • Tools: What you need to act and succeed in 2023

What's included:

  • September 11 Call
  • Lesson from the Pile AKA Ground Zero
  • 20 years NYPD Transformation from Officer to Detective
  • Realization, the path to change
  • Walking towards one goal, saving and serving others
  • Share a story activity
  • What is fear?
  • Character/Values/Individuality VS Insider/Outsider feeling
  • The Four Agreements:
    • Be impeccable with your word
    • Don't take anything personally
    • Don't make assumptions
    • Always do your best
  • Stoic Philosophy
  • The ability to live in tranquility and harmony with nature and the universe
  • Introduction to Marcus Aurelius (Emperor of Rome)
  • Takeaways: Responsibility & Control of one's actions and how it is a choice

Elevate Level :
Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 60 minutes
Listing created Sep 13, 2022

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