Your Powerful Mind in Action: See Thoughts Impact Your Aura

About this Session

Using technology and volunteers from your group, observe in real-time how strong your thoughts are as they change the colors in one's aura!

Fascinating and entertaining workshop that explains the impact of the subconscious and lifetime conditioning, and conscious thought directly impacts our well-being.

Watch an aura go from shades of red (high stress, physical pain) to greens (stronger, more loving) and blues (I feel safe speaking my truth), or even purples (faith, connection to spirit, having a spiritual experience), with a reframe of thought!

Discover how using tuning forks can indicate stress points, and hear the difference as they move and clear from the body, correlating with what the person is experiencing.

Realize we carry our entire lives in a six foot radius of our bodies, and how we hold trauma and times of stress in our energy body!

See a live healing - audience participation encouraged (simple instruction such as 'send loving thoughts') but not necessary.

Concludes with a guided meditation exercise and group healing that 100% of your group will feel and heal with. Show-stopper and life changer!

Fun, entertaining and astonishing to see in real-time with any rank, how strong one's thoughts impact our aura and overall health. See how easy it can be to reframe your thoughts and become healthier with measureable results!

Pricing is for a group up to 50 and does not include the meeting space rental - I am partnered with Holiday Valley Conference Center and Ski Resort in the mountains of Ellicottville.

I am happy to travel with appropriate notice. Buyer to cover travel and accommodations as necessary.

Can be easily customized to fit your specific population, needs, location and event.

Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Video On-Demand
Running Time: 90 minutes
Delivery type:
Intro Session
Listing created Sep 22, 2022

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