Breaking the Bias for Women in Tech

About this Session

What are some of the gender biases in tech that set up an unwelcoming environment for women – employees, clients, and consumers? What are some of the barriers and challenges that women face on an individual level? What have the women in your company experienced?
What can you do to be an ally to women in your workplace? What can you do to empower yourself, if you’re a woman? How can a tech company create an environment where women thrive, especially in growth mode?
How can tech, as an industry, revise how it functions to be more welcoming and empowering for women? Where do women have opportunities to lead the way?

This workshop deep dives into the whole tech industry, many of the inequities that exist, and how we create systemic changes towards equity in tech- not just for employees but for clients and consumers of technology. We explore algorithmic bias, ethical conundrums, and a drastic gap in VC funding between genders. We also provide space for women to discuss their experiences and provide solutions as well as actionable tools for allies.

Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 90 minutes
Listing created Sep 29, 2022

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