Thriving and Success Mindset

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Winners Mindset: Enjoy 30 minutes of my undivided attention on your issue - this is about you and how I can help you.

I will use my applied knowledge to focus on your specific questions/needs and I will guide you. After playing semi-pro soccer and representing Canada in the karate team as an athlete and a coach, I started to recognize patterns for performance that were not related to physical skills but mental skills. This was confirmed by a study showing that in ONE specific year between 2011 and 2016, 90% of the CEOs of the fortune 500 were former elite athletes. Why? This is what I am sharing with my clients!

The most important components to keep in mind and act upon to be your best self! What are the common traits of the best, whatever their fields? What should you do? What should be your mindset? Who should you surround yourself with? Michel is one of the best Mindset practitioners in North America. He will help you with your Winner's Mindset.

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Running Time: 30 minutes
Listing created Oct 6, 2022

Public discussion (2)

Caroline P

8 months ago

Michel is someone unique! Positive, enthusiasm and SO helpful. His coaching is very mindful; simple tips, recommendations or mindset changes that mean a lot and do the work inside yourself just as they are said and even more when they are put into practice.

Holly H

8 months ago

Michel has the superpower of really helping people zone in on a clear vision, identify and overcome barriers, and take action. I deeply appreciate how he’s guided me to take control of my mindset to remove stress and focus my actions on what works. This is freeing my creative capacity to be more innovative, resourceful, and effective as a leader in my business and life.

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