Discover the 2 things you must always do to make good decisions

Risk-Free: Funds released only when 100% satisfied

Enjoy 30 minutes of my undivided attention on your issue - this is about you and how I can help you.

I will use my applied knowledge to focus on your specific questions and offer up solutions

Mark O is an expert in motivation, human decision-making & intelligence, leading change, and high performance, and helps leaders turn disengaged and unproductive staff into high-performing teams


Our mindset affects the quality of our decisions and we make up to 10,000 decisions daily so they have a big impact on the quality of our work and life.

Join Mark to discover a simple but profound model to understand your intelligence preferences and find out which two intelligences are holding you back.

Learn how to remove these key blocks that cause you to make poor decisions and how to enhance your results in all areas by improving all FOUR of your intelligences!
(Yes the MYTH OF IQ is that there is only one intelligence - see the 8 min video below).

In short, Mark will show you how to remove the derailers, rather than control your mindset, and so demonstrate the judgement necessary to build your own success, and that of your team and/or your business. **


Following a number of [interactions] with Mark I was keen for my top team to learn some of the leadership concepts we had been working through. The program with Mark was superb, with extremely positive feedback from the whole team - Tim Moore-Barton, Chief Executive Officer, Betfair

Click on the link to see the typical feedback Mark receives from presentations to the CEO Institute: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/

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Intro Session
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Running Time: 30 minutes
Comma separated keywords : intelligence, decisions, mistakes, thinking, success, leadership effectiveness, personality, bias, IQ, EQ
Listing created Oct 7, 2022

Public discussion (3)

Carol C

11 months ago

Fantastic to meet you Mark even though it was virtual. We will have to catch up for a coffee one day! I'm looking forward to joining one of your talks in the near future!

Mark O**

11 months ago

Great idea. How about catching up later this month in the cbd?

Carol C

11 months ago

I would love to catch up. I'm out of town and back on board on November 14th, so maybe sometime that week. Let me know what your schedule is like.

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