5 Secrets of Successful Aging

Slowing down does not mean quitting.

A live video workshop on Zoom for small groups of active agers!

You can still contribute value to your communities, companies, and other people.

Continue to be important in the second half of your lifetime! "Slowing down does not mean quitting."

This live online workshop gets you "fired up" and involved in learning how to make your Senior years active and feel successful again!
Have some fun and learn how to apply the 5 Secrets:

  • Keep Contributing Value
  • Keep Learning
  • Keep Socializing
  • Keep Exercising
  • Keep Dreaming

You will be educated, entertained, and there will be a call to action for everyone to make their aging more rewarding. There will be examples, suggestions, and much more for your take-away, from a Senior Citizen who does it daily in his 4th Quarter Century life.
In this small group workshop, you will learn how to successfully apply my experience of aging to your circumstances, where you live now, how you live, and who you interact with. Let's talk about you!
You spent many years of hard work and energy adding value to your company. Now you are nearing retirement or already retired and still have some fuel in your tank. At this point, many people do not see how they can continue to be successful at adding value to their family, community, or organization.
It needs to start with believing in yourself first, then finding where your value can help others and experiencing the feeling of contributing value to your community.

The wisdom and experience of aging people are among the few natural resources that are INCREASING and NOT DECREASING.

A message for you:

Customer Comments:
"Michael, enjoyed your presentation. For me, as a senior, it held many positive suggestions, especially when you backed them with facts. Often times, we feel that our prime has passed but you showed us differently. It helped me realize that we are and continue to be the best "natural resource" available to our younger generation. An African quote that you used and which I will always remember: "Every time an elderly person dies, a library burns". Thank you for your encouraging message.
Isabella D

"Michael has almost 3/4 of a century of life experience, so it is really beneficial when he shares some of his life stories, both good and bad, to illustrate the points he makes in his training. This makes it real." Randal E

"At any age we can be of value and service to others!!! I felt I was in a dialogue while watching your presentation. Recently, I have been reflecting on my future and thinking of the day that I will retire. Now I'm thinking that I will NEVER retire. Your presentation prompts me to keep learning and visualizing myself as a Contributor! Thanks!"
Jorge Eduardo T

Running Time: 60 minutes
Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Listing created Oct 28, 2022

Public discussion (7)


5 months ago

Looks fabulous - we all want longevity - the meaning behind the word starts when you pass 50 :-)

Michael W

5 months ago

Aging is a process we can not avoid. But we can continue to contribute our services or help to our families, our community, and some companies. You still have a lot of value to offer others, and staying active will definitely help you to stay "young-at-heart." Remember, "growing older does not make you less active... being less active makes you grow older.

Carol C

5 months ago

As an older athlete, I love still competing and being a leader for the younger generation of athletes just starting out. I like being able to show them that a number that you may have attached to you does not define what you can and can't do! Love your work Michael!

Annika S**

5 months ago

The older you get the more interesting this subject of longevity is, lol. The more I work with health, stress, mindset, thriving at work - yes any subject around human beings - the more I see that it all connects and that longevity is a result when all is in line.

Isabella D

3 months ago

Michael, I have always enjoyed your speeches and presentations. Besides being informative you add colour to them by adding some humor as well. I am looking forward to attending the event.

Elizabeth J

3 months ago

Michael, Loved the enthusiastic way you shared practical ideas for retirees to stay fit mentally and physically. Hope this will be shared widely with audiences globally.

Michael W

3 months ago

Elizabith, Thank you very much, I will send you a copy of the video Tuesday!

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