Optimse your health

When it comes to optimising overall health and performance, Andre Obradovic is backed with extensive knowledge and experience. Since 2016, he has helped hundreds of people around the world with his no-nonsense, straight talking approach to nutrition, mindset and overall, well-being.

Andre has a reputation for inspiring people from all walks of life through his speaking engagements to reflect on their situation and help move them into action to change the situation. His talks can be evocative, challenging, and humorous.

Some of the topics he will talk with you about are as follows:

Busting myths on nutrition, exercise and medical advice.
Start asking the hard questions!

How a change in jobs turned into the biggest ambush I
ever had to fight out of in my life!

Middle-aged, overworked and overweight. Is it too late to
make a change?

Finding balance - How do you take full control over
health, career, finance and relationships?

Running Time: 90 minutes
Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Listing created Nov 3, 2022

Public discussion (2)

Annika S**

5 months ago

"Middle-aged, overworked and overweight. Is it too late to make a change?" you ask - and I would say NO, it is never too late to start a new lifestyle. Looks like you got it all covered for that change in your offer here - giving your listeners a chance to take control :)

Andre Obradovic

5 months ago

thanks for your comment

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