Stress-Free Recovery from Relationship Catastrophe

Have you ever felt like every other man knows how to be in a loving, happy relationship except you? Do you keep attracting the same type of person and experiencing the same disappointing results? Over the next 8 weeks, your mission is to learn 3 proven techniques to transfor the way you attract a partner and to begin experiencing the type of connection you desire,

Why create a relationship coaching program just for men?

1) There is a societal bias that assumes you already know everything about relationships, yet no one dares challenge that assumption in order to avoid criticism or ridicule.
2) While everyone experiences some form of disappointment, there’s an incredibly high price to pay if you are male and acknowledge it, because society expects you to always be “strong”.
3) As a man in our society, you are tasked with enduring pain rather than healing it. There is emerging scientific evidence that our response to painful experiences can create something called a cellular memory imprint-an unconscious belief that keeps attracting the same type of people and circumstances you wish to avoid. This program works to counter that.

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Intro Session
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Running Time: 60 minutes
Listing created Nov 11, 2022

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Robert C

5 months ago

What a stunningly important listing. Men are proud! What's more courageous is to step outside of the comfort zone and listen closely to Dr. Cynthia - she strikes me as a wise and deeply conscious person.

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