The Art of Being-Well

Have you noticed that ‘well-being’ has become one of the most talked about and important factors for anyone wanting to thrive in the workplace and in life?

And it seems we have work to do! According to the latest Employee Sentiment Index, forty-six percent of Australian employees have admitted that they are feeling burnt out. According to a well-being survey commissioned by the Australian Psychological Society 63% of working women felt like ‘their lives were out of control’. And 75% of Australians admit that stress adversely affects their physical health

In my experience and with the hundreds of individuals and organisations I’ve worked with I see this problem exists because people simply don’t have the bandwidth to make changes or take on new ways of living – even though doing so will improve their lives!

Well, it’s time to change that. In this 90-minute experiential event, Ruth will give you well-researched tools and skills that will enable you to enjoy greater levels of resilience by addressing your well-being in simple ways every day.

You'll discover how to:

♦ Simply, quickly, and effectively pinpoint the two conversations you regularly have in your head that cloud your judgment and leave you feeling overwhelmed - so you have a sharp, focussed mind, and experience deeper levels of control and self-worth.

♦ Uncover the three essential keys you can tap into - any time of day or night, to break free of worry and anxiety - so you'll feel composed, capable, and confident, even when times are challenging

♦ Combat burnout by starting your day with a simple seven-minute morning ritual that will train your mind and body to lay down strong foundations - so you can bring your best self to all that’s important to you.

♦ Discover the 3-minute stress buster that you can use on the fly whenever you need to - so you can clear your head, release tension, or calm your nerves on even the busiest of days.

I'm dedicated to helping you understand how your well-being can be adversely affected without you even realising it, and shining a light on how you can empower yourself and your team to thrive.

From the people who have experienced Ruth's work -

"Leading up to my end-of-year performance review I reached out to a number of my colleagues and manager for their feedback. Once it was all received I saw that one of the strongest themes was how calm I have been while leading a very busy and demanding program of work that has faced multiple challenges. The second was my level of self-awareness about areas where I could improve. Without a doubt, the tools and practices that Ruth has taught me and that I have put into practice on a daily basis have benefited me greatly. I have learned that my colleagues can also see this too."
Jo Kirk

"I was amazed at how my overall perception, mood, and attitude shifted after each of Ruth's sessions (I regret putting it off for so long)." Dona

"Ruth's sessions gave me takeaway tools I can draw upon at any time in any situation to calm and focus myself. In moments of anxiety or unease, this makes it easier to choose what to do next as opposed to living unconsciously and following patterns of behaviour that don’t serve me."

Richard Day

Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 90 minutes
Listing created Nov 20, 2022

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