How to lead innovation (digital transformation)

Given the social, demographic, economic, and technological changes that are occurring nowadays, enterprises and governments can only respond by innovating. Innovation represents changing, therefore, difficulty. The process must be correctly led to obtaining the desired objectives. Therefore, leadership and innovation are two of the significant challenges closely related that our companies and the whole society are facing.
Digital transformation is a type of innovation.
- Train professionals capable of leading and directing innovation processes in a company or organization.
- Teach proactive professionals how to promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

- CEO, project managers, directors of the organization, operations managers.
- Engineers, Consultants.
- Directors, division directors, heads of department.

- Workshops with the active participation of the students. The speaker presents a concept and opens a debate with the students, encouraging collective reflection.
- It is facilitated by a wide bibliography.

1. Innovation.
- What is innovation?
- Why do we have to innovate?
- Efficient innovation.
- Why is changing so hard?
- How to overcome the reluctance to change?
- The innovation dilemma.
- Risk management.
2. Leadership.
- What does is mean to lead?
- Potests VS Authoritas.
- Communication skills.
- Motivation vs habits.
3. Project teams.
- Establishing a good project team.
- Disciplined collaboration.
- Participation of external advisors.
4. Stages of developing a project.
- Detection of a challenge.
- Analysis of the current situation.
- Analysis of needs.
- Finding solutions or alternatives.
- Selecting providers.
- Recruitment.
- Implementation.
- Training.
- Startup.
- Analysis of results.
- Feedback.
- Fine tuning.
5. Promotion of innovation.
- Sponsor.
- Internal selling.
- External selling.
- Generating a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.
- Proactivity.
6. Conflict resolution.
- Meetings management.
- One to one communication.
- The skier technique.

- Conflict generation.
- Impossible people management.

One-day seminar, organized in two sessions, morning and afternoon, with a working lunch and networking.

Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: Full day
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