Workshop on Hybrid Workplace Wellness

About this Elevate Workshop

Book Catherine for a fully customizable workshop helping business leaders bridge the gap in workplace wellness

Be prepared to roll up your sleeves in this highly interactive workshop.

What’s included:

What’s in it for your business?

-What it takes to be an empathetic employer
-Guidance on how to get started
-How to respond to employee's needs
-Benchmarking and case studies
-How to optimize existing wellness policies
-Ideas for wellness policies and initiatives
-Learn proven strategies for improving mental health
-How to build trust and engage employees

What’s in it for your team?

-Demonstration of tools to reduce stress and anxiety
-Learn strategies to improve mental health
-Improve self-awareness and wellbeing
-Boost motivation around health and wellness
-Better prepared to work with colleagues on these issues

Employee Mental Health Is Declining

2022 research continues to show employee mental health deteriorating to all-time lows. The majority of workers experienced at least one mental health challenge over the past year. There are soaring rates of stress and burnout, depression, anxiety and PTSD. Mental health woes exacerbate rates of post pandemic obesity and metabolic syndrome, with over 40% of the US population categorized as obese. Obesity drives chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Becoming An Empathetic Employer

A sick workforce is not a happy or productive workforce. Businesses have an increasingly important role to play in supporting employee wellness. Inaction or insufficient action will continue to drive high attrition rates, low productivity and performance among staff. So how do you address your employees’ concerns? Research shows that employees are seeking organizational cultures that place a focus on wellbeing. Those working in hybrid models are expecting their employers to improve in work-life support. Employees are demanding more acknowledgement and support for their various situations and responsibilities outside of work. Will you respond by creating new shiny policies and giving lip service to the issues or will you step up to the plate and truly build trust and make a difference in your employees’ lives?

Delivery type:
Intro Session
Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 60 minutes
Listing created Dec 16, 2022

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