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Sales are updated on this listing as soon as they are confirmed as qualified. If they are still in discussion post qualification, we'll add them here. All sales on Elevate are exclusive to this platform. We create our events in partnership with the client.

LATEST NEWS Jan 12 2023:

Latest Sales:

Coming up in Q1 2023

50+ opportunities

Most of the following confirmed opportunities are part of a series, which we will be looking extend at least monthly through 2023. We are finalizing 10 individual series, with 10 events each.

  • Florida Leadership Committee - monthly talks to VP Council
  • Carnegie Mellon - workshop series
  • US Dept of Energy - discussion stage
  • Dubai US/UK Chambers - discussion stage
  • Pittsburgh digital incubator series - finalising
  • Florida hospitality series - finalising speakers
  • Fed Govt - Faculty training programme across NE Universities, various digital transformation
  • Zimbabwe Africa - Education Commission - discussion stage
  • K-12 District Leaders, South Eastern US - inbound enquiry stage
  • Dubai - Hospitality World Series - in curation
  • UAE Oil & Energy - in discussion
  • Florida Parks - defining

About Sales

  • We run exclusive ads on Google for our Elite Members
  • We have created over 50 exclusive virtual speaking opportunities in the US, Dubai and Asia at the time of writing.
    • All are paid speaking gigs, and we also have new enquiries every day, from businesses, Chambers, incubators and even Federal Government!
    • We create our own exclusive speaking opportunities by working with enterprise clients, Chambers of Commerce and US Universities on knowledge problems that we consider very carefully. We then put together packages of speakers to bridge the knowledge gap.

Elevate events are generated by our own enterprise sales teams, exclusively for our registered users. Buyers evaluate your profile and listings, including ratings and reviews.

Elite Members 50+ We look after our members very carefully and closely. Our goal is to satisfy every need, and generate sales for every member. Elevate charge 5% commission. Support us and learn more about Elite membership and join here

Learn more about our vision:

Why companies, chambers, associations, clubs, schools and universities love Elevate:

We believe passionately that the business community is embracing a golden opportunity, to leverage digital transformation (now Zoom/Teams is commonplace) in order to acquire knowledge from people who are experts in their respective fields, and who can command an audience. (that's you)

The win from a business side is a chance to listen, ask, exchange ideas with you, virtually at a price they can afford (our average is $1200) and then knowing and trusting you, to book you for downstream opportunities at higher price points you are used to.

why speakers, experts and consultants love Elevate

The win from the speaker side, is monetising your unused inventory, by providing high impact, low research virtual speaking opportunities which pay a meaningful fee, and also most importantly, provide the touch points every speaker needs to develop a full and profitable sales funnel.

We know - your fee is MUCH higher than the fees we offer. You won't get out of bed for less than $25,000 right? Consider Elevate opener opportunities as a marketing exercise, getting you in front of hundreds of high profile decision makers - and you're getting it.

Do it from home, no need to travel, be yourself, promote yourself. Everyone wins.

Welcome to Elevate. We are new, we are making money for members, and we are radically different, fair and diverse.

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Listing created Dec 16, 2022

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