Building your Employer Brand

If you're a startup founder, you know that attracting the best talent is key to your success. But how do you stand out in a competitive job market? One way is to build a strong employer brand. By creating an appealing workplace culture and emphasising the benefits of working for your company, you can attract top talent and set yourself apart from the competition.

Session outline:

Over the years, The Nudge Group founder & CEO Steve Grace has worked with hundreds of startups, advising them on how to create a winning employer brand to attract the top talent in their industry. In this session, Steve will talk to you about:

The power of storytelling in building your employer brand
Why content marketing can be the most effective way of getting your brand out there
Leveraging video content to tell your story and communicate your brand
How to create a unique voice for your employer brand

About Steve Grace:

Steve Grace is the founder & CEO of The Nudge Group, a company that works with global start-ups and scale-ups, from pre-seed and Series A, all the way up to IPO. With several products such as Nudge-as-a-Service, Nudge Remote and Nudge Culture, the company is able to offer founders different ways to help their business grow, including recruiting, fundraising, employer branding, onboarding and plenty more. Steve is also the CEO & Publisher of Balance the Grind, a global work-life balance platform showcasing stories from people from all walks of life.

Live via Zoom
Live in Person
Running Time: 60 minutes
Comma separated keywords : startup, employer brand, acceleration, building, brand building
Delivery type:
Intro Session
Listing created Jan 3, 2023

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