Goal Setting: Navy SEAL Strategies for Achieving Your Objectives

Goal Setting Workshop: Strategies for Success

Looking to improve the performance and productivity of yourself, your company or your organization? My workshop on creating and achieving goals will help. I am a decorated Navy SEAL Captain (Ret). I will guide your team through the process of setting achievable targets and developing a plan to reach them. With my proven techniques, your team will be able to work together more effectively and achieve greater success. This is guaranteed.

Goal Setting Workshop: Just three fundamental principles and anything is achievable. Start Small, Create a rhythm, and don't take no for an answer. Improve teamwork, improve employee motivation, improve efficiency, and get past speed-bumps faster.

I've created a motivating, fun live workshop for your business.

60 minutes, interactive, plus full recording available

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Any size group catered to

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I'll create an experience tailored to your company, sports team or university group. Anything I can do to support you, just ask! 100% Guaranteed you don't pay until you are 100% happy!


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7 months ago

There are three overarching goals in Goal Setting. Start small, create a battle rhythm, and don't take no for an answer ... ever. John's rules for goal setting helped him navigate a successful career in the Navy. His workshop unpacks all the elements he learned and apply them to you and your business. We're delighted to have John and welcome your thoughts and comments.

Robert C

7 months ago

I greatly enjoyed John's session on Goal setting. He has a really engaging personality, you just trust him and want to work with him right from the start. Setting goals is the easy part, actually achieving them takes training, and John's help was worth its weight in gold.

John Doolittle, CAPT, USN (Ret)

7 months ago

Robert, I appreciate your kind endorsement. I truly enjoy these types of workshops, where I have the opportunity to interact directly with the audience on an individual basis.

Nolan M

7 months ago

John recently provided his expertise as a keynote speaker to 150 of our Air and Space Force officer candidates and university students. His engaging delivery and relevant personal experiences ranging from stress, resiliency, and leadership were one of the highlights of our academic curriculum for our students. His ability to connect with developing leaders on an individual level was unique and truly showed the level of commitment he has for his clients and those he interacts with. We would welcome John back for future events in a heartbeat and highly recommend his services.

John Doolittle, CAPT, USN (Ret)

7 months ago

Nolan, thank you for that kind review… it was an honor to visit you all at USF, and I’d gladly come back any time… -JD

Andrew C

7 months ago

Capt Doolittle came to USAFA and spoke to the class of 2025 and captured the audience for a full hour and 15 minutes after lunch (no easy feat). He used his unique experiences as a SEAL to connect strongly resonating stories of the principals that made him successful in one of the most demanding jobs on the planet. Hats off for making stories of the most selective job sound relatable.

I really appreciate you giving back to the cadets sir!

John Doolittle, CAPT, USN (Ret)

7 months ago

Andrew - I truly appreciate your comments and I ALWAYS enjoy coming to visit USAFA, my Alma mater

Vince L

6 months ago

I run a global private equity company and was looking for inspiration and a fresh outlook as our team is spread across the globe. John spoke to our team for two hours and his experience from the military coupled with his current role in the C suite resonated deeply and motivated the team. His talk was so effective that we now have John speak to the team on a quarterly basis at our leadership and team meetups. His sessions and perspective are worth their weight in gold, If you are looking to achieve and be inspired John is your leader.

Tony F

6 months ago

I have known Mr. Doolittle for some years but until recently hadn't had the opportunity to see him do a seminar. I finally had the pleasure of attending one of his lectures. He held the entire groups ( Sales) attention for more than 60 minutes. He was engaging with us all and was dialed into our needs and made it seem he had been in our shoes. John is so well spoken and delivered his message in a way that made us all feel connected to his life experiences. He also made time after his speech for questions and there were many. His life story is remarkable, and we were all happy that he shared what he shared. If you have the opportunity to see him. Make it happen. Well worth the time and you will walk away a better person.

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